Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who are you supposed to be?

I'm such a proud mama - my 10 year old chose to be The Doctor for Hallowe'en! The 10th Doctor, our favourite. I ordered him a Sonic Screwdriver from ThinkGeek... it's so cool. It makes the sound and lights up, plus it's also a pen that writes with UV ink that shows up under the glow of the screwdriver. I want one for myself!

So here's my Beanstalk, Hallowe'en Night, in his blue suit, Converse, tie and overcoat, ready to trick or treat. He's got his Sonic Screwdriver out - now where is the TARDIS... ?

Of course, nobody knew who he was dressed up as :) 
●  ●  ●  ● 
Back in time a bit...

These were taken a week before Hallowe'en, when his Sonic Screwdriver and tie arrived in the mail. Yep, he had longish hair! He had it cut the weekend before Hallowe'en, for authenticity :) 

He even took a picture of the 10th Doctor in to the hairdresser.
Such a dedicated little Whovian!
●  ●  ●  ● 
And, back to the present:

My handsome little wannabe Gallifreyan, back home after trick or treating - and next to him, his reference photo. Pretty close! He didn't want to take his costume off, I kid you not, he wanted to sleep in it!  I promised him he could wear it to school. Technically you're not allowed to wear costumes to school - but these ARE real clothes ... heh heh.

Next year the 11th Doctor perhaps? 
Or maybe Captain Jack Harkness... !

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  1. ADORABLE!!!! So I'm so out of it I don't even know who this character is (should I be totally embarrassed?) But I do know your son is totally handsome and you certainly do have reason to be proud :)


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