Thursday, May 17, 2012

TARDIS Lock Screen, brilliant!

I recently got an iPhone after having a Droid for 2 years. My Droid had all DW images and sounds, and I miss them! I loved getting a text unexpectedly and being startled by a Dalek voice - "Exterminate!" I even had a sonic screwdriver flashlight app :) I plan to customize the iPhone similarly - starting with my new lock screen!

I got the image from Science Doll.  She tweaked it perfectly - I love it ! Now, to find the perfect TARDIS console image for the wallpaper...

Update March 2014
I finally got around to updating my phone to iOS 7 - then realized my TARDIS lock screen now looked a little off. But no worries, Science Doll was way ahead of me --> TARDIS Lock & Home screens for iOS 7  

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  1. Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for this post! I was searching Tardis pictures and now I found an AWESOME Lock Screen for my iPhone :D



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