Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Elf on the Shelf wants to be a Time Lord

This Christmas was our family's first year having an Elf on the Shelf. Up until this year my littles have said the elves were "creepy" (my daughter's word), and I was inclined to agree with them... really, if you think about it... they sit in your home and watch your behaviour, then fly back to Santa each night to report on you, and like the Weeping Angels, they only move when no one's looking at them! They're little quantum-locked Christmas spies, heheh.

While I've laughed at some of the elf antics other people have shared, I haven't minded my sproutlets not wanting an elf in our home. But this year my 5 year old said she wanted Santa to send us one. I'm fairly certain this change of heart was precipitated by her coming across a tiny pilot outfit in the "Elf Adoption Centre" area of the department store. She was Amelia Earhart for Hallowe'en this year, and she loves her aviator goggles:


So when she discovered the Claus Couture aviator jacket & goggles, she asked me to help her email Santa this request:
Dear Santa, 
If you would please send us an Elf on the Shelf this Christmas I promise I won't say he looks creepy, & I even got him a pilot jacket to keep warm & goggles to see in the clouds. And mummy & me will bake you gluten-free brownies too!
Love, Kate
So, we got a scout elf of our own, who my little girls named Cocoa Earhart. Our elf didn't get up to many shenanigans, mostly just moved from room to room, hiding just enough so that the kidlets had to look around for a few minutes, but some days he was found doing something funny, like swinging from the ceiling fan, and reading a story to the toy dinosaurs, and once, pretending to be the Eleventh Doctor:

He was sitting in front of a little TARDIS, wearing a felt fez instead of his usual elf hat, holding a tiny sonic screwdriver, with our copy of "When's The Doctor" open to the New Earth page, which has cats in pilot hats & goggles - I think one of them is Brannigan from "Gridlock" :)

Do you have a Whovian scout elf, or know of another one? Share in the comments!

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