Monday, December 31, 2012

Doctor Who Christmas Tree & Weeping Angel

This year our family's Christmas tree had a Doctor Who theme! We were inspired by a gift of Doctor Who character popsicle stick puppets & Christmas ornaments made by my friend Karen (who also makes Doctor Who bento lunches, see my post featuring her blog, What's In Our Lunch Bags).

Doctor Who Christmas Tree with Weeping Angel Topper!
It was such fun to decorate! I turned an ordinary angel tree topper into a Weeping Angel (DIY instructions in this post), added blue lights, TARDIS lights, the ornaments from Karen & a few more, a little bit of blue ribbon and...  voilĂ !

Doctor Who Christmas Tree with Weeping Angel Topper!

You can see the ornaments better with the lights off. Besides the DW ornaments, I stuck to stars and snowflakes, as suggested by my 10 year old,  "because there are always stars in space and there's always snow in the Christmas specials" :)

These are some of the ornaments made by my friend Karen:

Eleven & a baby Adipose ...

... River Song & her psychedelic lipstick kiss (it says Hello Sweetie) ...

... Ten & the awesome Donna Noble - loved them together ...

... Rose Tyler & a Dalek ...

... even Sarah Jane & K-9 ♥

There's also a red ball with a fez drawn on it, and she made popsicle stick figures of pretty much every major character. Some are pointed out in the photo but some are around the sides, and some didn't make it on to the tree (I ran out of the ribbon I was tying them to the branches with).

Poor Ood Sigma didn't make it on to the tree, but he's here to show you what the character ornaments look like in popsicle stick puppet form, before a scrap of wired ribbon turned them into ornaments like this one of Amy Pond:

We already had plenty of star & snowflake ornaments, but I bought this one anyways; as soon as I saw it I thought of the Empress Racnoss' Webstar:

My friend Kathy sent me a surprise Christmas gift of ornaments she painted herself. One was this Van Gogh-style TARDIS one, gorgeous! And she didn't even know that "Vincent and the Doctor" is one of my favourite episodes!

In fact, when she painted it, she had no idea I was doing a Doctor Who themed tree!

I wasn't sure about the idea myself. I thought the kidlets might miss having our usual ornaments and colourful lights... but they loved it! Love my little Whovians ♥ 
Here's my middle child Pickle, excited about the TARDIS lights I'd just put up:

The TARDIS lights (from ThinkGeek) come on white wire, like these we have hanging outside, but the little TARDISes snap off for changing the bulbs, so I just snapped them over a set of lights on green wire to blend in with the tree.

Of course, the "stone" Weeping Angel tree topper doesn't light up though ;)

Don't Blink!

Doctor Who Christmas Tree Weeping Angel Topper!

Maybe next year we'll have some snow to make an evil snowman!

Happy New Year!


  1. Love love love love love!!! Your tree is so amazing!! :D

  2. Absolutely the most amazing tree ever! I love that I got to spend Christmas with your family ... kinda ;)

  3. this tree is absolutely fantastic! Next year can I make you an ornament? I could make an awesome evil snowman!

    1. Thank you! And a snowman ornament would be fantastic! I love the wallet you made - it needs it's own post :)

  4. also, I love your Pinterest board!

  5. That's a whole lot of awesome sauce right there. Thank you for not putting blinking lights on the tree...the Angels scare me silly!

  6. This is amazing! Absolutely amazing. I would love to know how you made the angel. I want to make one for my best friend... and of course, one for myself ;)

  7. Epic! Seriously brilliant! Absolutely love this! I may even have one up all year. I've seen trees that are black, blue or white that may work as well.

  8. What, no sonic screwdriver? Seriously though...Amazing tree!

  9. Just came across this post and have to say LOVE your tree. The Weeping Angel Tree Topper is perfect. You have totally inspired me to make one for my own tree, for next year. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. This is so amazing. I really want to make a Weeping Angel now. Maybe I can find an out of season tree topper at a tag sale? I don't want to wait! So cool.


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