Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Doctor & Captain Picard together? Make it so!

"Nearly five decades and 1,500 episodes in the making! The two greatest science fiction properties of all time cross over for the first time in history!"

I am a happy nerd girl tonight, after reading Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation - Assimilation2 #1. I had to read it on both my MacBook and my iPhone just because :)

My inner collector resisted the urge to possess the paper book and got the eComic - which although it lacks that fresh ink smell, lacks absolutely nothing else. The full-colour artwork is gorgeous. The characters ring true; I could even hear their voices in my head - well, the Doctor's, Amy's & Rory's anyways. This issue was more Whovian than Trekker, but, there are 8 in the series, perhaps the next one will be a little more Trekkish. I'm sure I'll be equally pleased either way :)

And I love how the story left off ...  Bring on #2!

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  1. Okay I saw this on Pinterest and just thought it was a cool graphic. I didn't know it was a real comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEEEE*


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