Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coexist. Coexist. Coexist. Word has lost all meaning.

I've been seeing a bunch of geeky COEXIST images out there.  Some are bumper stickers, some are tee shirt designs, some are simply art.  The first two are my favourites:


Another very similar to the first design - no idea which was created first.

Here's another take on the space sci-fi theme:
by Steven Wolff ~bnsa on DeviantArt

Trek Wars Coexist (I like the Trek first)
Coexist Wars Trek @
Coexist Wars Trek design by Brian Nielsen @ ©
See the evolution of this design here

These comic themed ones are good too:

Also from the artist who did the Trek Wars design above:
Coexist DC Marvel @
Coexist DC Marvel design by Brian Nielsen @ ©
See the 6 previous versions evolve into this design here

Gamers Coexist

OS Coexist

And a few more, click to visit the source:

There are probably still more out there, but I'm kind of over it for now :)

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