Sunday, January 5, 2014

Party Like A Time Lord

♥♥ If you landed here while searching for timey-wimey party ideas, don't miss the link to my friend's awesome party post full of fantastic food & more, at the end of this post :)

When my Bella asked for a Doctor Who party for her 10th birthday I was thrilled!  Too bad she didn't want the whole party to be Who themed - she wanted a sleepover with a movie, manicures, & Wii Dance - but hey, she did want Whovian decorations & a TARDIS cake, yay!

Of course I wasted no time ordering TARDIS lights from ThinkGeek, several sets in fact - and we strung a set across our front porch right away :)

Doctor Who partyware was not to be found, so Mia Bella made the invitations herself:

We also made the loot bags, with blue bags, paper, a glue stick & silver Sharpie .

We strung another set of TARDIS lights across a cabinet in the living room, and arranged the goody bags on top of it. I those lights so much!

We covered the living room ceiling with 3 dozen helium-filled balloons in TARDIS blue, silver, & gold, and I found square party plates and arranged them like TARDIS window panes on the blue dining room tablecoth - Bella thought that was super cute :) 


So that's was it for decor, and as I don't have permission to put the guests photos online, I'll skip the party pics and get right to the cake! It's no secret that I am neither a baker nor a cake decorator, so Bella didn't have great expectations - but I did my best, and though the icing was messy, it didn't turn out too bad...

OK so it didn't turn out too good, either, ha!  But it did taste good - and most importantly, my birthday girl Bella loved it... just look at her smile   

Notice her TARDIS blue nails with sparkly white tips - freshly painted by one of her girlfriends :) They had a great time, and my girl loved her birthday party. She said she wanted to have the same theme the next year...


And she did!  We made the invitations ourselves again, but this time we added text to a picture and ordered prints online from a local 1 hour photo processing. We invited her whole class of 25 kids, and they were done in 15 minutes, for less than $3 - fantastic!

Since her 11th birthday party was at the local community pool, there was no decorating allowed, but we did make some Whovian cupcakes :)

Oops, looks like I exterminated the Daleks when I cropped the photo :)

OK, so a bakery baked & frosted those cupcakes. As if I could make such a perfect swirl of frosting! But I did make the chocolate Weeping Angels, K-9s, Sontarans, TARDISes, Daleks, & Cybermen they are topped with!

TARDIS shaped Doctor Who chocolate mold from Lakeland (UK)


As promised, here's a party post full of Whovian awesomeness:  Robot Squirrel & the Monkeys' Timey Wimey 6th Birthday! I am in love with this idea: a tablecloth Cassandra for the kids to moisturize with spray bottles of water, absolutely brilliant!

Isn't that the greatest thing! Those are some lucky little Monkeys!


  1. Love Bella's smile while looking at her cake!

  2. Where did you get the chocolate mold?

    Linda -

    1. Lakeland UK


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