Monday, July 21, 2014

Edible Geekery : Bento for Kidlet

I have some of the most amazingly talented & creative friends, some of whom also write blogs that entertain & inspire me. Let me tell you about one of them. Jenn is the super mama of a brilliant boy known on her blog as Kidlet. For the past 7 years, Jenn has packed bento lunches for Kidlet's eating pleasure & blogged them for our viewing pleasure. Kidlet & his mama are best buddies & are both nerdy in the awesomest way! Jenn's also a real artist who can draw things that look like the things they are meant to be - colour me jealous! Jenn rules. Here are only a few of the heaps of reasons why :)

Jenn made this collage for Fish Fingers & Custard Day last year, these are just some of her Doctor Who bentos! Visit Bento for Kidlet to see them all!

This image links to the Doctor Who posts at Bento for Kidlet.
Reason she's an awesome mom #137: She threw Kidlet a Doctor Who themed 13th birthday party & all the foods pertained to the program. Clever!  The pic only shows half of it, click it to go to her post. Then you can see the TARDIS cake :)

This image links to the party post at Bento for Kidlet.
Another reason I heart Jenn: she's also super kind & generous. She's never even met my little guys but she's sent them big boxes of Kidlet's hand-me-downs, and even decorated the packages with stuff I love :) This big box that my little pumpkinhead is trying to bring in the house was covered in Doctor Who stickers - Daleks & TARDISes & Eleven, such fun!

And check this one out. She covered it in drawings & quotes she knew I'd love. Seriously, who does this sort of thing?! Someone awesome, that's who :)

So many edible geekery reasons! If I were to show only the best of Jenn's bentos I'd still basically be reposting her whole blog, because they're pretty much all my favourite :)  So I made myself pick just 4 more examples of her edible geekery inspired by other fandoms for which we share a love:  Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Sherlock, & Harry Potter.

These images links to their respective posts at Bento for Kidlet.

And it's not just lunch she excels at & posts on Bento For Kidlet. She also makes deliciously nerdy baked goods & treats :) Like Mr Flibble cupcakes inspired by another of our faves, Red Dwarf, and TARDIS mini banana bread loaves! And regular not so nerdy recipes full of delicious flavour. Visit Bento for Kidlet, you'll find your own reasons to love it!  :)

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